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floor·a·phobia | noun 

An overwhelming fear of shopping for flooring, sometimes accompanied by self-doubt, anxiety and purchasing paralysis. 

Flooraphobia™ has been known to affect even the most educated and
confident of shoppers. Learn more about one family’s story:


This Is Lisa

Where. Do. I. Even. Begin. First it was just three samples, a few varieties of hardwood, but then I thought about the waterproof features of Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT), and then how nice white carpet would look, and how maybe tile would be best for the dog and well, here we are. I'm really struggling to narrow down my options and select the best fit while still creating a beautiful space. 

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This Is Lisa's Husband Brad

Just look at her eyes, those wide eyes. Every day it's a new idea and I can't keep all of them straight. I know the right choice for our needs is out there somewhere, but how do I know I'm not making the wrong choice when my house has turned into an episode of Hoarders? How can I give my wife the inspiring look she wants while still getting the best value for our home? 

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And This Is Their Dog Jake

Ahh, another new sample for me to dig my paws into! Doesn't this feel good on myacaaaahhhhchoo! Oh no! There's another sneeze coming on. If only there was a tough and resistant option that would let me live freely and keep me from sneezing...

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  • Carpet One Floor & Home offers the expert advice you need to rid yourself of Flooraphobia™ and make an informed purchase of a floor that's a perfect fit for you and your family. Just ask The Accidental Housewife, Julie Edelman.

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